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Why Veterans Make Great Entrepreneurs

Experience and veteran knowledge is needed in any type of business these days. No wonder there are so many entrepreneur veterans who own their own companies. Veterans have defended freedom and demonstrated that they are risk takers with confidence and motivated to go into dangerous terrain and to gain the acquired skills to get the […]

The Pros and Cons of Thrift Savings Plans

So what are Thrift Savings Plans or TSP’s? It’s a savings plan for both current and retired federal employees and was created in 1986 by the Federal Employees Retirement System. The TSP program is designed to give federal employees the same benefits of a 401(k) plan that private sector employees receive. It’s simple, and all […]

Is Your Email Etiquette Costing You the Job?

hey dena its michael, here is an updated  resume…thank you so much for taking time out of your day for helping me with my resume! Would you respond to this email if it came from a complete stranger? No? An employer wouldn’t either.  This is an actual email I got about 3 years ago while working at […]

How to Answer the Dreaded Salary Question

Your interview is going great.  You have answered all of the hiring manager’s questions.  You have sold yourself effectively.  You didn’t ramble and you even kept your hands in your lap and not all over the place.  Then you hear the dreaded question…..”What are you salary requirements?” Everything stands still and time starts moving in […]

How does a school get a program approved for GI Bill benefits?

State Approving Agencies (SAA) are generally responsible for the approval of education and training programs in their respective states. They are the pathway into VA for a program’s recognition and identification as being eligible for the payment of VA education benefits. Colleges, universities, and other training establishments seeking to provide VA eligible training programs should […]