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Military Inclusion is an amazing resource for veterans, active duty military and their spouses. The services they provide are very much appreciated, the fairs are professional and effective for those re-entering the civilian workforce and the job boards are filled with open positions.

“I am eager and excited about working with Military Inclusion to host a couple of Military Inclusion Support Our Troops Resource & Career Fairs on the campus at

Everest Institute. Military Inclusion shares our vision and dedication of supporting those who have fought for our freedom all over the USA. Everest Institute is proud to partner with an organization that helps improve the lives of those that have served our country.”

As a veteran who have served our country for 15 years in the United States Navy, I am honored to have the opportunity to work for Military Inclusion!

Military Inclusion has hired several homeless veterans to work for the company and also helped dozens of veterans to pivot into a successful career. I look forward to helping as many veterans and comrades transition out of the military and placing them in a successful career.

I am eager to be working with Military Inclusion, participation Military Inclusion Support Our Troops Resource & Career Fairs. Military Inclusion provides a valuable service to our Veterans and shared in Allied Universal’s vision and dedication of supporting those who have served to fight for our freedom in the USA.  Allied Universal is a proud member of the San Diego City of Commerce “Hire a Veteran” program.

Difference Financial is dedicated to helping those who have fought for our freedom with entrepreneurial opportunities and financial services.  I had a wonderful experience participating in the Military Inclusion Resource & Career Fair to outreach and promote our entrepreneurial opportunities to our veterans, active duty and military spouses and look forward to attending future events.


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